They have two daughters together

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She married actor Sean Penn in and though their marriage only lasted four years, it was quite notable. Unfortunately, their marriage ended after nine years, although both have continued to stay very busy professionally in the time since their relationship ended. Nevertheless, Sandra Knight gave it her best darned shot.

Today, the couple is still together and thriving, despite the fact that they are both busy with their Hollywood careers. Jeramie Rain- Then Jeramie married Richard Dreyfuss in the early s, when he had already made his mark as an Academy Award-winning actor. At least it was an amicable divorce.

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Parsekian and Paul are currently expecting. They have two daughters together.

The two claim that having each person have their own bathroom is one of the secrets to a happy relationship. They met in and acted together in The Long Hot Summer. But actually, Matt is one of the actors that married a totally normal person.

The two are an inspiration to many in Hollywood that would like to have a long-lasting marriage like Warren and Annette have managed to have. Sandra Knight-Now The pair tied the knot in and even started a family together. Of course, she and Jerry hit it off, and Nederlander filed for divorce four months after their wedding. The two have been together ever since, providing one of the best examples that Hollywood has ever seen of a successful marriage. When it comes to celebrity wives, Crawford is one of the most notable of all-time.

Most recently, Bellucci was in the James Bond film Specter. Lori was not someone who was used to being in the public eye, as she was a makeup artist, not an actress. Demi and Die Hard Bruce were married from to and remain friendly to this day. However, their marriage would last only four years.

However, things started to go sour once Costner became a famous actor. The two both went on to remarry shortly afterwards. Camille Grammer-Now Camille has been in the public eye since their split, most notably as a cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Riddled with verbal abuse, suicide attempts, drug felonies, and poverty, the two had two nasty splits. Which may have been the reason the wedding was Parisian carnival themed even though it took place in Malibu.

Wagner still writers, produces, and directs, and still works with Tomlin, too. Son Rick McCallum is now a successful producer.

They are still together to this day and very much in love. She often appears as a guest star on some of televisions biggest hits. Anjelica Huston-Now Huston was convinced that she was madly in love with Jack, who would constantly sleep around and even laughed in her face about the idea of marrying her. It seems that Cindy had enough of Hollywood, as she has not been in the spotlight for years now.

Isla converted to Judaism to be with Sasha, and the two were married in Paris in in a Jewish ceremony. Diahnne and Robert acted together in the classic film Taxi Driver. Emma has enjoyed a successful career, making a place for herself in the hearts of many.