Search for and open Keychain

An error in updating your system has occurred 2019

If you would like to keep the license you have, we recommend you drag the Outlook app to Trash to delete it. Type your Mac local account password and press Enter. Then activate Office again after confirming that the PriviligedHelperTools folder now has files in it.

Search for and open Keychain. If you would like to use Outlook, you can switch to a different Office home subscription.

In the case of any of the above, follow the steps in Office for Mac repeatedly requesting keychain access to reset your keychain permissions. Check to make sure your internet is working on the Mac you're trying to install on. Fix it using the instructions below. As you type, Terminal will not display the characters.

Relaunch Office and complete activation. You will need administrator privileges for this. Type in Office and then delete the data license file. Quit out of Terminal and out of the Office apps. Test your user account to rule out Local Profile corruption.

Activated with the wrong license Can't

Activated with the wrong license Can't activate Office after installation. Try searching all of your email accounts for a confirmation email from Microsoft.

Try searching all of your

Contact your organization's tech support for more help. If your PriviligedHelperTools folder is accessible but empty, uninstall and then reinstall Office for Mac.