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It has also done well in forging sector also. It is the leading multinational company who has various interests far and wide aside from Cuba. One can learn from a simple statistics the reason why American companies are coming down to India.

According to the American Chamber of Commerce in India, their membership base has soared up from zero in to more than till date. The company mainly bargains in bites and food like Lays potato chips, Tropicana, and so forth. It is an American based company whose headquarter is situated at New York.

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Throughout the s, there was increasing tension between Andersen Consulting and Arthur Andersen. Sony Corporation Sony incorporation is a Japanese multinational corporation whose headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan. The corporation is commonly known as Microsoft and it is an American multinational innovation company.

But, the Indian market still offers a lot of scopes and spaces for those to grow. Hence, it becomes easy for the American companies to optimize their productions in India. It is considered to be the biggest food company on the planet as far as income generation.

The company mainly bargains in