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Pirate Adventure Unravel the secret of an ancient casket, relieve the mysterious Ghost linked to the curse of Pirateville, and figure out the astonishing surprise ending! Wrath of the Gods you have to help Angelo on his quest to make a kingdom with the strongest defense ever seen on earth and save Princess Amara. So just choose your poison and venture off into the world of adventure.

Download and play the best adventure games for free. Voyage Puzzle Discover the amazing beauty of the world's most famous sights! Re-build the city and bring happiness back to the people again. Dip into a world of holiday delights, treasures, and adventures in this unique take on classic matching games! Restore a rustic and weathered down ghost town in Wild West Story - The Beginnings, a marvelous matching encounter with a western theme.

Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. You've been having remarkably clear dreams about a missing girl. Find riches and glory with Adelantado!

Adventure Games 7

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You have not saved any software. Go on an epic zombie seeking spree because this game here is available for free. The Magic Key Plunge into the captivating world of magic and mystery inhabited by elementals. Mystery Detective Adventure.

And stay with us, we will bring you even more! Bato Tibetan Puzzle Help your Tibetan master reach enlightenment in this original free game. Help Nicole find her vocation and climb up the corporate ladder in this fun mix of Time Management and Hidden Object games. Tales of the Orient Dive into an epic story of honor and courage and help a Geisha and a Samurai save the day. It presents a cartoonish world of threat and peril, puts a very tried and true premise in front of the player, and accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.

Unique new take on the classic matching game. Queen's Quest - Tower of Darkness is a hidden object, fairy tale adventure that will have you on a noble quest. You can unlock every level without any in-app purchases. Cyborg A science fiction text adventure game in which an artificial intelligence is electronically merged with your body as the result of a scientific experiment. Martian Transporter Racing.

In this decaying, decadent world, three criminals plot their own way out. If you are a hopeless romantic with a profound imagination or would like to find out what is such a person feels like, play this game.

French boy and American girl going through the most beautiful cities and solving clever puzzles. Christmasville Help amazing creatures of Christmasville learn the truth about Santa's disappearance in this eye-popping, hidden object, Christmas adventure for entire family.

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All this is free, so download it right here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Who does not want to become a superhero sidekick of a comic book detective and take down an evil villain? All Software Only Freeware.

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Dark Seas Escape a grizzly fate in this hidden object puzzle adventure game! We support many game developers so we hope to bring you even more free games in a future. All downloadable games availabe at GameTop provided free legally and were licensed, sublicensed for distribution by other game developers, game publishers or developed by internal game studio.

Chronology is a platform-adventure game about time travelling, puzzle solving and a friendship between an Old Inventor and a Snail. Forgotten Tales Day of the Dead Join Manuel in this incredible adventure through the land of the dead and help him to rescue his beloved bride from the hands of an evil soul. Play the detective or investigative journalist you always fantasized about and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

For centuries, Hardscrabble was a thriving seaport, but the local fishing industry died out in the s. Unravel the horrific truth behind it, in this hidden object game. Pieces of imagination and memory mix together, and beneath his happy thoughts an evil darkness looms.

Advance into the unknown territories full of secrets and dangers. The Prophecies that predict the End of Days are coming true. Your buddies rescue you from the lab so that you can go exploring - scavenging the galaxy for wreckage and artifacts left over from the war. Quest of the Dragon Soul Quest of the Dragon Soul takes you to a world of magical dragons, mythical demons, and hidden treasures. Join Sarah on her dangerous quest to fight Lord Marcus, puzzle your way into the depths of his citadel, and enjoy a Hidden Object adventure!

Find info about your order. An ancient curse and haunting spirits are troubling Jessica in hidden object game called Blue Tear. Vampireville Appraise Malgrey Castle, learn about it's enigmatic inhabitants, unlock their secrets to save your boss, and learn what drove your co-worker mad.

Gift Puzzle Dip into a world of holiday delights, treasures, and adventures in this unique take on classic matching games! Spirit of the Ancient Forest Join Sarah on her dangerous quest to fight Lord Marcus, puzzle your way into the depths of his citadel, snakes books and enjoy a Hidden Object adventure!

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Discover the secrets of the jungle! Inbetween Land Discover a world of adventure in In between Land.