He can sing reasonably well

Adam and echo dating

It should also be noted that Tater is possibly his father. Principal Tater Adam often gets along well with Principal Tater, but along with everyone else, continuously calls him bald.

He shares the same name as Owl City's lead singer. Other examples of this include the time when everyone kept spending his money in Mr.

This continues from the end of Season Three, just as Adam begins teaching at University. But when she turned around it was already too late.

He shares the same name as

Adam is best friends with Derby, even though Derby is countlessly putting him down. Principal Tater doesn't give Adam all the privileges of being a teacher, as he doesn't think he is going to last long.

Other examples of this

She uses her quick-thinking to trick Ivy into doing real work by making some excuse related to a mall or shopping. Her typical clothing is a shirt usually topped with some form of overwear and is seen with jeans, dresses, and skirts. There are also some moments when Derby and Adam do not have a good relationship, often by not paying attention in his class and sleeping.

And as we all know, Adam is Mr. Adam is shown to be a very sophisticated person. On the first day, Adam didn't really make a good impression on Tater. She also occasionally has him put a bag over his head when he talks to her. Now, they are best friends again when they were re-united at Finnegan High, whlist Adam decided he wanted to be a teacher.