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  • Do you have what it takes to nab Luke Hemmings?
  • Nobody really knows about the mini beach so its nice for you guys to all be there together without other people.
  • You assume he tripped over the cord for the video games or something and continue to make the food.
  • What in the world is stopping them from tweeting out our address to the whole world, Ash?
  • You stopped for a second when you noticed less people were around and you pulled your hood down to take in the view of the city.
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Calum decided he wanted to drive, with Michael in the passenger seat complaining about how he would get headaches in the backseat. About five minutes later, Cal walks in. You and Luke had met while you and Ashton were dating and it had been a strictly platonic relationship.

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Ashton- As soon as you found you got to come home from Afghanistan early, you were ecstatic, the first thing you wanted to do was tell Ash. You always loved this, online dating should a he had so much enthusiasm and he was so into the relationship. He pokes you again and you react the same way. You stop yourself and extend your arm to tap him on the back. He picked my legs up and kept his eyes on his hard dick going in and out of my wet vagina.

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Most viewed stories

  1. You nodded, pulling back and looking at him.
  2. You took in the scene for a moment, your nostrils flaring with rage.
  3. This is where that favor comes in.
  4. At this point, you were worried about your own safety.
  5. Calum jounced him, placing a gentle kiss on the black hair that was clearly inherited from Cal.

Luke had kept the fact that he was dating you a secret though. The tweets kept pouring in, some wondering why Calum was dating you, others saying you should kill yourself. No fans have noticed you yet, due to the oversized hoodie you were wearing to cover your face. The fans are going absolutely nuts at this point, but they are just a background noise, praying together as nothing else seems to matter expect the fact that you are safe in his arms again.

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If you must know, I truly believe that you belong with me instead. What a nice good morning alarm, huh? Michael has always been the jealus type in your relationship.

You were walking into the studio, your one year old, Jaxon, in your arms, his head on your shoulder. When he hears you walk in and set your purse down he quckly stands up, arms crossed. The day you were deemed cancer free you got these because it is the truth and neither of you wanted to forget how blessed you both are. You could move in here with me.

You thought for a moment, then shook your head. Would you like me to buy you a new drink? And you felt stupid for doing so but you started to tear up. One hundred emotions fly though your mind.

But Luke was there for me. Calum chuckled as the boy dropped off of his back and clung to his legs instead. After a week of living there, you and Ash finally both had enough time to explore the city together. We are going to dinner and a movie! We need to set boundaries for him.

You take his hand and he pulls you closer to him as you two jump. Luke and Ashton follow quickly, jumping off. You hesitate for a second and then decide staying in would be amazing. You grabbed a hoodie and used it to cover your face as you walked out of your tour bus.


We have to at least have an excuse. You felt the way they molded perfectly together. Later, when you were both lying breathless in your bed, you and Calum looked at each other, chuckling. Gently, you placed your book on the closest nightstand and emerged from your room to see a house full of boys. Hemmings loves a girl who is not afraid to make the first move.

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You saw him talking to Ashton. You made a mental note to have Luke talk to the girls who had helped you and then returned your restless attention back to the door. You had talked, texted, skyped and facetimed to keep in touch and so far it was working. After repeating the song for a while, you laughed while singing about how you had to use the bathroom.

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Luke shook his head and wiped away his tears. We took as many pictures as we possibly could before I had to leave. He did everything he could to make sure you and Matt were provided for, no matter how much you protested him paying for things. As it nears midnight, house you and Luke go back to the large room for the countdown.


Calum was running up the road after you. Calum- You and Calum had been walking around L. You had no clue why he was the sweetest guy you knew, your parents pinned it on her being a rebellious thirteen year old.

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Who s your 5sos or 1d boyfriend

Why would you cheat on me? You look up to see two bright blue eyes looking into yours. What if Calum never ends up loving you? You walk out of the cramped bedroom of your hotel room, into the living area where Calum was planted on the couch.

Keaton jumped off the bed and ran over to Ashton. When the night ended and I said goodbye to my boyfriend, I turned to face Michael. Minus the whole international, traveling musician thing. Then there was the emergency surgery and countless doctors explaining how your life would be different from now on.

George smiled as he reached into his back pocket. Miles walked to Penelope and grabbed her hand. You had maybe gotten two blocks down the road when you heard someone yell your name and you whipped around.

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The room quieted in shock. You were laying down on the couch in the tour bus when you get a notification on your phone from twitter. He moved his mouth to my left boob and began rubbing me through my panties.

Turning around, you saw Calum looking at your computer screen from behind your chair. Aside from being in a highly popular band, Luke Hemmings seems to be a pretty accessible guy. He open his eyes and rubs them, as if to rub the sleep out of them. You giggle and reply with another kiss. Another step and your back hit the wall, a small gasp falling out of your mouth at the contact.

And this is my big sister, Penny! You insert the key in the lock and fumble a bit, as you always do with keys, and once you finally get the door open you see Cal sitting on the couch. The minute he looked up and saw you, his eyes widened and he dropped his bag, your legs breaking into a full on sprint as Luke held his arms out to prepare to catch you. At one point, Luke groans and runs his fingers through his hair, biting his lip. Michael intertwined his fingers with mine, giving my hand kisses every few miles.

You both sat down in the circle and Luke says he wants to go first. But you never minded it because he was adorable when he was frustrated. As I parted my lips, he slipped his tongue into my mouth and flipped me on my back. You were sick of this argument. Luke smiled, remembering the night before.

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Michael motions for you to come on stage and you start walking eagerly, you look out at the fans whose eyes are wide, hand covering their mouths, you swear you even see a few of them crying. Of course she wants to spend time with me, I mean look at me! When you arrived back, you heard Luke ask Ashton why you always sang around them. You simply ignored it, makhox dating as it was probably a tip.

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